Accordion Shutters

These shutters function similarly to the rolling shutters but slide on a wheel track horizontally. They bunch up like an accordion while not in use, affixed to the side of a window. Accordion shutters are also made of extruded aluminum though they tend to be one of the most affordable storm shutter types. The biggest advantage to accordion shutters is that it is the only solution to protecting curved windows. If you have a curved wall or jutting protrusion on your house, the track of an accordion shutter system can be built to curve along with the wall and therefore provide any surface on your home’s exterior with protection.

These shutters can cost from $15 to $ 25 per square feet. They are made from inter-locked vertical blades that slide into place when each curtain is pulled towards the center. These shutters are pre-installed and housed in a box at the side of the window or door.

  • PROS
    – Permanently affixed beside the windows and don’t require any extra storage space.
    – Can easily be made storm-ready by one person.
    – Some models can be locked with a key and may be used as a theft deterrent.
  • CONS
    – Can look bulky and out-of-place on some houses. Consider the aesthetics before having them installed.
    – Glide on wheels, and have the potential to break more easily than some of the other systems.


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