Don’t Get Caught In the Eye of the Storm. Call Storm Protect Now

How far will you go for the ones you love?

Are you willing to give whatever it takes to protect your

lovely home? Well, then go ahead and give Storm Protec a call!

The danger is imminent and the threats are real! Storm protection is a real concern for Floridians.

Warnings have already been issued about the upcoming hurricane season.

Severe damage is predicted with the coming hurricanes season, but you don’t need to worry

because Storm Protec has got you covered!

The answer to all your problems is shutters!

Roll-down Shutters

Professionally installed door and window shutters can protect

your home and business against the angry winds of Florida.

Our shutters work well in keeping the storm out but that’s not it.

Shutters provide protection against sneaky thieves and break-ins too.

They impose a sense of security and peace of mind for all occupants.

Storm protec provides the best solutions in glass replacements,

installation of impact windows, impact doors, and shutters motor repairs (roll down shutters).

We cater our services according to the needs of our clients to provide best installation,

refurbishments and maintenance of windows and doors, rolling shutters, accordion shutters,

sunrooms, screens and enclosed patios.

Our designs provide safety wrapped in style. Our stylish roll-down shutters are known to be nearly bullet-proof.

They keep you safe and give your place a trendy look.

Shutter Installation!

Storm Protec has a history of providing hurricane protection plans for residential

and commercial applications. Our experts are highly acquainted with the Florida

Building Code and Miami-Dade Rated Building Code.

We also provide expert consultation on new construction.

Don’t let the hurricane winds blow away your inner calm.

Get hurricane shutter BEFORE the storm hits. We serve in South Florida

from Broward to Palm Beach counties; Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs,

Homeland, Lake Worth, Boca Raton and Delray.

Feel free to contact us any time for consultation or free house estimate.


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