Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters retract around a center reel into a roll whenever not in use. They are affixed to the top of a window or ledge and roll downward. The slats are typically build in such a way that this type of shutter provides a solid barrier against anything a storm can throw at it. The unique build of this shutter allows it to cover doors and other openings as well; not just windows. Not only are rolling shutters perfect for storm protection but also for security. Storm shutters are often used for large windows or large walls with several windows as well as sliding glass doors. These shutters are made from a super durable extruded aluminum and provide the highest level of protection.


These are metal louver or PVC shutters. These shutters can be purchased at $20 to $35 per square feet. The shutter is housed in a box above each of the windows and rolls down on either side and gets locked at the bottom. The shutter works through a motor and a switch.

  • PROS
    – Are permanently affixed above the windows and don’t require any extra storage space.
    – Can easily be made storm-ready by one person.
    – Offer some of the best protection, and make an excellent theft deterrent.
  • CONS
    – Most expensive of the popular shutter systems.
    – Push-button-operated roll-down shutters require a battery backup system so the shutters can be lowered and raised during power outages.

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