sunrooms3A sunroom is a glass and screen outdoor living room installed on a wood or concrete foundation. It is also referred to as a patio room, solarium, patio enclosure or Florida room. Walls of glass bring in sunlight and protect you from wind, bugs, rain, and chill. Composed primarily of single or double pane glass, sunrooms should be designed to fit the look and feel of your home. Sunroom additions are a popular means of home improvement. They are an affordable way of adding leisure living space without the hassle and cost of conventional construction.

First and foremost, sunrooms improve the appearance and style of your home.  A sunroom can be just the thing to add that level of sophistication and style to any home.  Sunrooms are inviting and afford you a comfortable, visually appealing space to call your own.  Porch Conversion offers you a chance to turn your dream room into a reality and truly experience “The Lifestyle You Deserve”!

Increase your living space!

  • Adding a sunroom to your home may be just the thing needed to turn your “house” into a home.  Porch Conversion can create living space that you can utilize year-round.  Do you have an outdoor area that remains unused during the winter months when it is too cold?
  • How about during the summer when it is just too hot?  A sunroom solves both of these problems by providing a dynamic space that insulates you from the cold and rain, as well as the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays.  Your new space will also protect you from outdoor bugs and rodents that may want to visit.  No more having to buy roach killer because your new room keeps them out!  Your sunroom will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors year round!

Increase your home’s value!

  • As all of the benefits that a sunroom provides add up, so too does the overall value of your home.  A sunroom increases your square footage with a versatile space that can be used for almost anything!  Not to mention the appealing aesthetics and enhanced style that your home receives from adding a sunroom!

Sunroom Maintenance and Repair

There is no doubt that you will have to do some sunroom maintenance and reapir when you have this addition on your home. There is more maintenance and repair associated with a wooden structure than with metal or PVC material, but all materials need to be cleaned. When you build with wood, you will have to do annual maintenance in painting or staining and after a while you may even have to deal with rot in some places. The metal and PVC sunrooms do have to be washed down, but this is an easy chore with a pressure washer.

One of the common repairs that homeowners have with a sunroom is fixing leaks, especially around the windows and doors. When you notice a leak, you should first check the frame to make sure all the weep holes are clear. These holes are located on the bottom track. Sometimes these get blocked with ice and this causes the window to leak. Then you need to check to make sure that all the glass panels are properly caulked. Leaks can also be caused by condensation running down the walls, so this is something that you must check.

You may have installed the sunroom with a glass ceiling and now you want to convert it to a regular roof. Although this is a big job, it is possible. You can call in several contractors for an estimate on the cost and then choose the price that best suits your budget.

If you find that your sunroom gets too hot in the summer, you might consider replacing the glass in the windows. We recommend using Low-E glass to help reduce the amount of heat you get from the sun. This will help in summer, but it won’t reduce the amount of heat you lose through the windows in winter.

Some homeowners have had a problem with one of the panes of glass breaking. The best way to get the size glass you need is to take the measurements of the frame to a glass retailer and have a pane made up for you that will fit in that space.

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